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Why Did I Choose a Designer Fine Jewelry & Goods Business?

Why did I choose this business? There are so many reasons which I explain below. But for now I’d like you to know that I’m working with a prestigious fashion designer house out of Toronto who designs and manufacturers designer fine jewelry and goods. And their products compete directly with major designers such as Cartier, Chanel, Gucci, Luis Vuitton and more. I’ve never been in a business that is so much fun , so highly profitable and where I’ve witnessed time and time again the success of so many members.  Below, I share 12 reasons as to why I chose this fun and very rewarding business.

1. Highest profit margin of all product lines: Designer products have some of the highest profit margins in the world, which allows GWT members to meet their financial targets with fewer sales and customers and  in a much shorter time period than it normally takes with other companies. This is because you no longer need to build a team of thousands of distributors and customers to operate a profitable and lucrative business.

2. Highly Emotional Products: Fine jewelry, precious metals and stones are symbols of wealth, love and passion, and have helped us express those feelings and qualities for over 5,000 years. No other commodity has increased more in value than gold, silver, diamonds and other precious metals and stones. It is the safest investment available today, which is why every financial expert recommends that 15 to 30% of all investments should be in precious commodities. GWT is the only direct sales company to offer these commodities in a form of designer fine jewelry and goods.

3. Visual Appeal: GWT products are self-promoting because of their visual appeal and the instant gratification they provide at the point of sale.

4. Uniqueness: GWT products are self-promoting because of their visual appeal and the instant gratification they provide at the point of sale. Over 96% of all direct selling companies market nutrition, skin care, household and telecommunication products.

  • GWT is the only direct selling company that offers designer fine goods. So it’s members, also known as luxury consultants, do not have to engage in comparisons with the other 1,700 direct sales companies that market the latest and greatest health, skin care product or long distance gadget. 
  • Also GWT has created metals that are exclusive to the company which include their lines that include products made with plangsten, 19 karat gold and 21 karat gold.
  • Besides the traditional mlm business model, each member gets their own unique online store with shopping cart from which their customer’s can purchase products directly from them, while GWT takes care of the rest.

5. A Safe Business & Recession Proof: These are the safest products to promote and market in our industry because they don’t get consumed or expire, and they continue to appreciate in value from the time they are purchased. This business is recession-proof and gains even more momentum in the case of an economic slowdown, which makes this business the safest and most rewarding business you can be a part of. Just imagine if you would have been a part of Cartier, Chanel, Gucci,  or Prada when they first started. 

6. A Global Business: As jewelry, handbags, watches and more are already shipped to countries around the world, there is no need for governmental approval like there is with health and wellness or skin care companies. Therefore anyone in the world can be a GWT Luxury Consultant.

7.  Collectible, Silver, Diamond & Gold Assets: When buying products at the member’s prices they are extremely competitively priced. Sterling silver, gold and diamond products are priced well below the current market prices of these products. So when you buy products as a member, they are already worth more on the open market than what you have paid for them. On top of that as the value of gold, silver, diamonds, platinum and rhodium continue to increase, the products will even appreciate more in value.

8. Important Key Numbers: GWT’s key numbers are are very impressive  & important as they are the highest in the industry.  Global Wealth Trade has the highest retention rate (80%), the highest earnings/distributor ratio (10-15 times that of other companies) and a re-order rate that is 6 times that of other direct sales companies.:

9. Media Coverage: No other direct selling company has media coverage like GWT does.  Besides getting incredible media exposure at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival, FERI Fine Designer Goods were placed in a movie with Kate Hudson, been in a photo shoot with Hugo Boss & Versace. GWT has also had coverage in magazines, such as Preferred, an international fashion publication and Canadian Jeweler, an industry magazine. and online sites that have given GWT incredible exposure. And recently not only was GWT featured in a fine jewelry industry publication, which is an incredible honor, the company recently announced that they’ve partnered with an International PR Firm from Beverly Hills, CA and there are more than 30 Celebrities Wearing FERI beautiful products, created by Global Wealth Trade.

10. Training & Support: GWT offers training to members that NO other company offers. We start with the Fast Start Training, which is usually done in the first couple hours and followed by GWT’s 30 day training, weekly training webinars and incredible support. On top of this we are all lucky to have access to our CEO’s exclusive Forensic Networker Training. This training not only teaches us how to run a business, but it also teaches how many calls we need to make, about our DMO & WMO and gives us a way to track our business. If you can see what you produce you can see where you need to improve, so that you’re always troubleshooting your business and looking for improvement.

Summary: GWT Corp is the only company offering designer fine goods that can be used for a lifetime and will still be sold for more then what they were originally purchased for or simply be passed on to the next generation for another lifetime of investment or wear. As show above GWT members do not have to endure the same challenges other network marketing distributors go through year after year.

Imagine…….retail profits up to 250%? And that’s not including any of the bonuses, commissions or residual income. And the company pays for the $200 gift certificate that member’s guests get rewarded with when they attend the company’s overview in person, online or via video and fill out a survey. Are you ready to earn your $200 gift certificate?      Now is your chance to capitalize on the growing demand for luxury and style!

More Than 30 Celebrities Seen Wearing GWT’s FERI Designer Jewelry

Neve Campbell Wearing FERI Famous celebrities such as Neve Campbell, Jamie Kennedy, Tiffany Hines, & many more have been spotted wearing the hottest new FERI pieces. FERI is quickly growing in recognition as a fine designer brand around the world. With multi-million dollar showrooms in Toronto, Hong Kong, and sunny St. Maarten, this company is exploding all over the globe. Everyone – including Hollywood- can’t get enough of FERI!

Who is behind this exciting brand? The company is Global Wealth Trade (GWT), a prestigious fashion designer house, out of Toronto. Recently GWT announced their strategic partnership with a top Beverly Hills PR firm that specializes in product placement and brand building.

A spokesperson for the firm said: “Editors are falling in love – people are coming to see the (FERI) collection we have in house. Its like they’re playing dress-up. We cherry pick the stars and then allow them to wear the pieces. Its all about building the brand and what this can do across the board.”

Next stop? Designer publications all over the world through the PR firm’s connections across Canada,the USA, Russia, Taiwan and the rest of Asia!”

This amazing company not only has showrooms and offices in Toronto (HQ), St. Martin, Caribbean, Hong Kong and by early next year most likely in the US, Europe and Dubai, UAE; but they have shipped 165,000 products to 50+ countries!

So what are you waiting for? You see, our brand is hitting the big time. Do you want to be wearing the products the stars are and get paid to do so? Yes? How exciting!! Just get in touch with (check out the Contact Me button on the very left side of the screen) me and I’ll tell you how we’ll reward you with a $200 gift certificate when learning more about our company!

In case you missed it earlier in this post here is the link to see the celebrities that are wearing FERI’s gorgeous products: Celebrity Sightings











Learn How Smart Men are Buying Engagement Rings!

Is There a New Way to Buy Engagement Rings?

Absolutely!  Global Wealth Trade (GWT), a prestigious fashion designer house, for years has been offering a way to allow smart people to:

  1. Save up for Engagement Ring purchases, and more, through the company’s SAC program
  2. Purchase Engagement Rings at Member Pricing
  3. Get Engagement Rings Paid For (Seriously? Yes, seriously!)

Not only are these smart men taking advantage of this new way to save up for this collectible asset that they will be giving their future bride, but they will also have access to exclusive products not found anywhere else in the world! And our beautiful pieces compete directly with designers such as Cartier and Chanel, but at a much better price, increased quality and attention to detail and a maintenance program that none of the other designers offer.

Smart Couples Can Choose Their Special Ring From the Following GWT Lines:

As the company has a 120 year manufacturing heritage, they have been able to create these two (2) incredible gold compositions and these products are exclusive to GWT members and their customers! AND the company offers custom engagement rings, from their 19 Karat Gold Signature Bridal Line, where the VP of Product Development enjoys designing special pieces for that someone special and she even goes through the stones one by one to make sure that THE perfect stone is selected.

1. SAC Program: So what is Shopping Account Credit Program?
The SAC program is revolutionary!  With GWT you can become a member which gives you the flexibility to get what you want, when you want it! Each month, a specific amount, depending upon which package you choose will be added to your shopping account and continues to accumulate until you use it.

2. Member’s Pricing:

  • GWT offers a way for YOU to get all of your beautiful products at the Member’s Price!
  • All prices shown on their website are Retail Prices

3. Get Your Ring(s) Paid For:
Others WILL be asking you where you got your beautiful ring and many times will want to purchase something from the company’s website. And as you are the one that has shown them the website YOU will make a commission! WOW! In fact one can make up to 250% retail commission on our products.

Wow!  And if that isn’t special enough, GWT has INCLUDED maintenance programs for these two lines, something not offered by any other designer jewelry company or any jewelry company as a matter of fact.

Last year, at the company conference, a true FERI-Tale moment took place where 2 of our members got engaged, which of course was a surprise to the bride to be. She was so excited and surprised when he slipped a 21 Karat FERI Mosh ring on her finger, which was custom designer for her. Just imagine that in her early 20′s she’s already on her way to having her own collectible assets that appreicate in value. WOW!

Did You Know That There Are:

  • Approximately 6,200 weddings in the US EVERY day?
  • Engagement ring purchases to NOT seem to have been affected by the economy!

Use the SAC account to build up  points to purchase that incredibly special ring that will dazzle the bride to be when you ask the big question. WOW! And then continue saving for the wedding bands after she says yes! Get it all at member prices, while having all the benefits of a business and tax advantages the whole time.  It just makes sense!

For the gals that are reading this, are you ready to tell your special someone how:

  • They can start saving for that special ring
  • That GWT can create custom pieces for you with their exclusive 19 Karat Gold Signature Bridal Line!
    (Available in white, yellow, or rose colored gold.)
  • That there are many benefits to buying your engagement this way?

To Summarize, Buying  Your Engagement & Bridal Rings Through GWT Gives You:

  • Member’s Pricing: An Incredible Value & Price (Ability to purchase at Member’s Price)
  • Collectible Asset: Even more valuable as you’re buying at the member’s price & continues to appreciate, price of gold continues to go up.
  • Exclusivity: with GWT’s 19 Karat or 21 Karat gold
  • Custom Ring: available in their 19 Karat Gold Signature Bridal Line
  • Durability, Craftmanship, Uniqueness: You won’t see anywhere else
  • Maintenance Program: 19 Karat – 3 years, 21 Karat – 5 years
  • Ability to Get Your Ring Paid For: You will be asked where you got your beautiful ring and when you share the website with someone and they buy something through you, you will make a commission! WOW!
  • Benefits of a Business – Tax Write Off’s: If/when you sell jewelry to people then this gives you the possibility for tax write offs.

GWT also offers a complete line of collectible designer Sterling Silver jewelry for him & her, Tungsten & Plangsten jewelry, exquisite designer Time Pieces, Designer Hand bags and Wallets, and their recently introduced Shields (designer sunglasses, of which you will find NOTHING like them on the market).

Make sure that you visit our site so that you can start thinking about which ring you’re so wanting to save up for or you’d like to buy:
Global Wealth Trade Product Galleries.

Contact Me: If you’d like to know more, feel free to get in touch with me by contacting me through the CONTACT ME button on the left side of the screen. Or you can email me at