Marion Mehrer’s Two Minute Story

Marion Mehrer with Ramin Mesgarlou, CEO of Global Wealth Trade

Marion Mehrer with Ramin Mesgarlou, CEO of Global Wealth Trade

Now that I’ve told you why you should have a two minute story & the components of a two minute story, I thought I would share mine with you! I’m sharing with you both my 2 minute story on video and it’s also written here for your reading pleasure.

My Two Minute Story:
Hi! I have a part time business, that I started a few months ago and I’m working from home with a company out of Toronto.

I really felt that I needed a different type of business to get the things I wanted out of life including paying for my son’s college education, traveling to Maui once a year and in a few years will be taking another bike trip in France.  Pretty exciting right?

My friend Ted told me about this business he was doing part time, and he was so excited and it sounded really interesting to me because I saw that it was something that I could do part time from home on the evenings and weekends.

The products are so beautiful with incredible detail. Everywhere I go people are always asking me where I got my beautiful earrings, my rings and hand bags. I absolutely LOVE how my products are collectible assets and that they appreciate in value.

So now that I have started my own part time business, I can’t believe how much fun I’m having. Besides having fun and making money, the tax deductions are one of the greatest benefits of having a home based business.

And, I couldn’t believe it, but one day I was checking my email and I saw an email notification that I had made about $300 and I made this money because some of the people I had talked to decided to go to my website and buy some products. I was so excited and happy that I called my friend Ted and thanked him for introducing me to this business.

And then I started thinking, I know a lot of people that can use $300 that I just made, so I started telling everyone about my experience and this company. I still can’t believe that 50 people all over the world (from the US, Canada, Caribbean, South America and Europe) have also started their own part time business with this company too and are now part of my businessAnd wait until you hear how much my little business has done in retail sales?

When would you like to get together so that I can share this with you?

Oh and I’m so excited because afterwards I get to give you a $200 gift certificate for our beautiful product and it’s paid for by the company!